Most awesome experience ever! lover the people, love the beer! Love being there and enjoying the most wonderful interaction amongst good honest people!
Chris Smith - JHB South Africa
The pleasure of being near the coast and the warm welcome is enough to attract me, but the beer! – WOW!! I’ve found a little paradise here!
Marios - Cyprus
AWESOME! My Best Place To Escape!
Richie - United Kingdom

Basset Breweries was founded in 2013 and we have recently opened our new facilities at The Doghouse Craft Cafe, situated in the breathtaking beauty of the Yellowwood Private Nature Reserve in Pennington.

Andy Turner, head brewer at Basset Breweries, spent 5 years living in the UK and Europe. During this time he developed a taste for a diverse range of regional brews. Upon returning to SA in 2001, he was disappointed with the limited selection of beers available locally, so after years of research, he began to brew his own beers at home according to the styles he discovered abroad.

After 5 years of home brewing, he took the plunge in 2012 and quit his job as an electrical engineer to pursue the business of craft brewing. His loving girlfriend, Natalie Danks, sold her sports car (now that’s real love….) and together they began to build the brewery.

Basset Breweries was opened in December 2013, with three beer brands – Umdoni Gold, Befreckled Red and Pennington Pride. In October 2014, we added Barking Blonde to our line-up, as an easy drinking beer for people who are new to the craft beer scene.

We are great supporters of limiting our impact on the environment – by recycling unavoidable waste, reusing packaging wherever possible, reprocessing spent grain as animal feed and using heat recovery systems on the brewing process to reduce energy consumption. We encourage our customers to recycle their bottles, or return them to the brewery to be cleaned and reused. There is no deposit for the bottles, but at least it means one less bottle ends up in the landfill.

The craft beer market has exploded around the world over the past ten years, as beer drinkers are realizing that there is a lot more to beer than lager. South Africa is a little behind the USA and Europe, but with over 120 craft breweries currently around SA, we are catching up quickly.

Be sure to look out for Basset Breweries new Steam Punk Range of beers, for the more adventurous. Each beer is specially tailored to suit a particular season of the year. Each of these extreme beers is brewed only once a year and is available only for that season….if you miss out you will have to wait another year for the next batch.

The Winter beer, named The Dogfather, was judged a Top 10 finalist in the 2015 South African National Craft Brewers Championships.

With such a diverse offering of beer styles, there is something to suit the palate of every beer drinker.