Basset Breweries developed the Steam Punk series of beers to showcase the diverse ends of the beer spectrum. A single batch of beer brewed to celebrate each of the four seasons.


Autumn – Reservoir Dog – American Brown Ale

Reservoir Dog is an American Brown Ale brewed to compliment the Autumn season as Mother Nature slows down and the leaves change colour. Big hop aromas balanced with sweet dark malty flavours, this beer will keep you coming back for more. So put your feet up and relax, slow your life down a little and take the time to absorb the rich flavours of this new-world style.  ABV 4.5%

Tasting notes: New world hop aroma, hint of chocolate, rich maltiness with moderate bitterness.

Winter – The Dogfather – Winter Beer

The Dogfather is a serious winter warmer designed to be sipped on a cold winters evening to fend off the cold and lift your spirits. A single batch is brewed in January each year and conditioned for four months to be ready in time for our antipodean winter. This beer is loaded with all the fruits and spices associated with the festive season, so you can think of it as Christmas in June. ABV 8%

Tasting notes: Spicy aroma with dark stone fruits dominating, extremely complex flavor featuring spices, orange peel and dried fruits, alcohol warming and moderate bitterness.

Spring – Boondog Saints – South Coast Pale Ale

Boondog Saints is a South Coast Pale Ale (SPCA for dyslexics) specially brewed to be quaffed in the burstingforthness of spring. A traditional American Pale Ale crammed full of proudly South African hop varieties creating a crisp, sublime pale ale with massive hop aroma and flavor. Brace yourself for a double-barreled blast of zesty passion fruit on this wild ride into summer. ABV 5%

Tasting notes: Strong distinctive passion fruit aroma, flavorful balance between hop and caramel malt, crisp finish with low bitterness

Summer – T.B.A….