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Basset Breweries produces four regular beers which are designed for drinkability in our hot South African conditions. Lighter in body and with less hop bittering than their traditional counterparts, but still maintaining a deep flavor profile..

Umdoni Gold

Umdoni Gold is a Golden Ale brewed in the Belgian style to whet your whistle with the rich flavor of Carabelge Malt. This ale is finished with Cascade hops and slow fermented to produce a crisp, slightly fruity beer with a clean dry finish. ABV 3.5%

Tasting notes: Tropical fruit aroma (litchi & grapefruit), hint of pepper spiciness, crisp clean finish with moderate bitterness.

Befreckled Red

Befreckled Red is an Amber Ale brewed in the Irish Style to tickle your taste buds with the smooth harmony of Roasted Barley and Malt. This ale is finished with noble Fuggles Hops, resulting in an easy-drinking beer with slight notes of caramel and biscuit. ABV 3.5%

Tasting notes: No hop aroma, roasty caramel flavors, smooth light finish, low bitterness.

Pennington Pride

Pennington Pride is an English Porter brewed with a touch of Smoked Malt to produce a sublime dark beer with a distinctive smoky flavor. This beer is finished with East Kent Goldings hops to balance the sweet character of the dark kilned malts, leaving hints of coffee and chocolate on the palate. ABV 4.5%

Tasting notes: Big smoky aroma, smoke flavor dissipates to dark roast coffee with bitter chocolate in the finish, moderate bitterness.

Barking Blonde

Barking Blonde Ale is an easy-drinking beer, brewed for everyday enjoyment. Pale in colour, like a sandy beach in the summer sun, this single-malt, single-hop ale is the perfect accompaniment to outdoor socializing. Noble British hops combined with American yeast strains produce a beer that simply tastes like more…..but be warned : too many of these could make you barking mad! ABV 5.0%

Tasting notes: Banana and clove aroma (similar to Weiss), soft fruit flavor with light maltiness and lingering bitter finish.